Mapping Your Financial Journey: Helping Adults Plan for College
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Set Your Goals

Life, Education, and Career Goals
     Life, Education, and Career Goals Worksheet (PDF)
     Life, Education, and Career Goals Worksheet (Word)
A SMART Tool to Achieve Your Goals
     SMART Goals Worksheet (PDF)

     SMART Goals Worksheet (Word)

Manage Your Money

Live Within Your Means
Keep a Spending Diary
Make a Spending Plan
     Spending Plan Income Worksheet (PDF)
     Spending Plan Income Worksheet (Word)
     Spending Plan Expenses Worksheet (PDF)
     Spending Plan Expenses Worksheet (Word)
Set Priorities and Make Changes
Separate “Needs” from “Wants”
    "Needs"from"Wants" Worksheet (PDF)
    "Needs"from"Wants" Worksheet (Word)
Tips for Building Savings

Money Pitfalls

Tips for Reducing Debt
     Debt Recovery Worksheet (PDF)
     Debt Recovery Worksheet (Word)
Financial “Fixes” to Avoid

Cope with College Costs

Tips for Saving Money
     Saving Money on Fees and Books
     Saving Money on Supplies and Computers
     Saving Money on Housing, Transportation, Food
     Saving Money on Child Care

Get Financial Aid

Start with a FAFSA Form
Your Eligibility for Financial Aid
Types of Traditional Financial Aid
     Grants, Scholarships, Work-Study
     Student Loans
Other Financial Aid Resources
Student Tax Benefits

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