Mapping Your Financial Journey: Helping Adults Plan for College
Set Your Goals

Life, Education, and Career Goals

You’ve taken a big step in deciding to go to college as an adult. Congratulations! Now take the next step—set goals that will help you get the most from your education. Goals keep you focused on the future and motivate you to achieve your dreams. One of your goals is graduating from college, and you’re on the way to achieving that goal.

Think about other goals for your life, education, and career. Some may be far in the future; others may be in the next few months. Many may relate to money. Take a few minutes to think about these questions concerning goals. Write your answers on the Goals Worksheet.

Short-term Goals: What do I want to achieve in the next three months? Examples:

  • Take a few days off to spend with my family before classes start.
  • Pay first semester tuition and fees and buy books.

Medium-term goals: What do I want to achieve in the next year? Examples:

  • Maintain a high GPA so I can qualify for additional scholarships.
  • Start saving money for an emergency fund.

Long-term goals: What do I want to achieve in the next five years? Examples:

  • Graduate on time and find a job in my field.
  • Make a plan to pay off my student loan.

Go to Goals Worksheet: WORD | PDF

Take the next step and make your goals SMART Goals

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