Mapping Your Financial Journey: Helping Adults Plan for College
Manage Your Money

Make a Spending Plan

Now that you have a spending diary completed, make a plan based on your spending habits and trends. A spending plan gives you valuable feedback on your financial health and can help pinpoint areas where you can save money.

Spending plans are quite simple and don’t take long to complete. They are helpful for anyone, but they are especially important for you in college, when money is tight and you must stretch your dollars.

There are two steps to take to create your spending plan: (1) Identifying your income and (2) Identifying your expenses. Worksheets are provided for each step. You may want to print several copies of each worksheet to use and update throughout the year, or create your own version.

Step 1: Go to Identify Your Income Worksheet: PDF | WORD

Step 2: Go to Identify Your Expenses Worksheet: PDF | WORD



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