Mapping Your Financial Journey: Helping Adults Plan for College
Cope with College Costs

Saving Money on Supplies and Computers

To buy supplies at the best prices:

Check out discount, office-supply, and grocery stores, as well as the campus bookstore. Find the best price, but don’t waste time driving across town to save a couple dollars.

Save money by buying in bulk. Ask classmates to go in with you on larger purchases of school supplies, flash drives, notebooks, and paper.

Before buying a computer:

Find out if your school has requirements for RAM, processor speeds, and hard-drive space. Unless you’re doing computer-intense work in engineering or graphic design, you may save a bundle by buying a lower-end computer with basic word-processing, spreadsheet, and multi-media Internet capability.

If your adult education center, college, or employer has a computer purchase program, you can get a competitively priced system. Some employers offer interest-free loans for computer purchases.

Look locally for stores specializing in corporate computer closeouts. Check warranty and guarantee information carefully. Many businesses sell used equipment, which can give you a better quality computer than a comparably priced new one, even from a discount warehouse.

Also, shop around for Internet access. Local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) sometimes offer lower rates and better support than national ISPs. Consider service options that limit online time. You may find an option that fits the hours you’ll be studying for less money than 24/7 access.

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